g0v Summit 2020 Remote Participation / 台灣零時政府雙年會 遠端無限議程參與

g0v Summit 2020 台灣零時政府雙年會

g0v Summit in TAINAN!

This is remote ticket, come buy come buy!

Can’t travel to Tainan?
Don’t like Tainan’s sunshine & want to stay in your room?

Fortunately, g0v Summit 2020 is LIVE!

Buy this ticket and you will have real-time access to all the programming in g0v Summit 2020! Including real-time English-Taiwanese Mandarin interpretation! (Available on Saturday and Sunday)
Enjoy the comfort of your room ?_?
Watch the talks in real-time via YouTube (or Webex)
Ask your questions via Slido.
You know the drill.

You don’t buy this ticket we don’t like you a lot.
You buy this ticket we like you a lot.

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  • We strongly recommend that the registered KKTIX member or the contact e-mail in the checkout, do not use Yahoo or Hotmail, to avoid blocking, missing letters, or even being regarded as spam and failing to receive "Order Established Notification Letter" and "Programming Links with Password".

▲ Tickets

  • Refund Due Date and Processing Fee: For g0v Summit 2020, tickets are refundable no later than ten (10) days prior to the event with 10% return handling fee. Please note that tickets must be received before the due date, not based on the post stamp time. Ticket refund/exchange is handled by KKTIX on behalf of the event organizer, see more at KKTIX Ticket Refund / Exchange Policy.
  • If you purchase a ticket package, you should refund the complete package of the tickets. A refund of any individual tickets in a package is not allowed.
  • Regardless of the paper tickets or the e-tickets, once the cancellation of the order is made, the ticket will be invalid and cannot be restored.

▲ Privacy Policy

  • The information collected during g0v Summit 2020 during the epidemic prevention period will be deleted after 28 days from the event day. The records of participants entering and exiting each hall will be used for epidemic control. If there is any suspected infection after the meeting, g0v Summit 2020 will proactively notify the people who may be affected, and provide the relevant regulations of the Taiwan health authority in accordance with the “Communicable Disease Control Act”. Conduct epidemic investigation and contact use.



沒辦法來台南嗎? 不喜歡台南的陽光,想宅在家裡嗎?

用 YouTube(或 Webex)看講者
用 Slido 問問題

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  • 為確保您的權益,強烈建議註冊會員或是結帳所填寫的聯絡人電子郵件,不要使用 Yahoo 或 Hotmail 信箱,以免因為擋信、漏信,甚至被視為垃圾郵件而無法收到『訂單成立通知信』和『線上參與連結與密碼』。

▲ 注意事項

  • 根據文化部『藝文表演票券定型化契約應記載及不得記載事項』第六項「退、換票機制」之規定:消費者請求退換票之時限為該票券所載演出日前 10 日內(不含演出日),但消費者於退、換票時限屆至前購買,迄於時限屆至後始收受票券或於開演前仍未收受票券者,得以退票,退票需酌收票面金額 10% 手續費。本活動委由 KKTIX 代為處理退票退款事宜,退票方式及退款時間請詳閱 KKTIX 退換票規定
  • 電子票券退票僅能整筆訂單取消,無法單張退票,請務必留意。
  • 本活動有開立發票,如需核銷請在購票時填好公司統編與抬頭。

▲ 隱私權政策

  • g0v Summit 2020 配合防疫期間所蒐集的資料,將在活動日起 28 天後刪除。參與者進出各館與各廳紀錄將作為疫情管控使用,若會後有任何疑似感染情況,g0v Summit 2020 將主動通知可能被影響的群眾,且得提供我國衛生主管機關依傳染病防治法等規定進行疫情調查及聯繫使用。

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
遠端無限議程參與票 Remote Participation Ticket

Online event ticket

2020/10/22 00:00(+0800) ~ 2020/12/02 00:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$600
講者遠端票 Ticket for Speaker

Online event ticket

~ 2020/12/02 00:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
社群遠端票 Ticket for Community

Online event ticket

~ 2020/12/02 00:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
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